I occasionally teach workshops. I recently taught a weekend workshop at Santa Fe Clay in which students made a small table top suitable for indoor or outdoor use. We covered making extruder dies, forms for shaping tile, shrinkage and freeze thaw issues, design and tile installation.

Previous workshop topics have included:

Designing for Public Art:
Students designed a project for a specific space and created a proposal model, and presentation.

In Yellow Springs Ohio I facilitated a group making an outdoor tile bench for a public square on their main street.

Architectural Ceramics workshops including:
creating a sink and tile counter
creating extrusion dies and extrusions
making mosaics and installing tiles
designing work for specific spaces

Workshop slide presentations may include;
Tiles from around the world
The creation of a public art project
a 30 year history of my own work

Please contact me if you would like me to teach a workshop. I have taught in New Mexico, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, the Caribbean, and Yellow Springs Ohio.