Tile Trim

Extruded tile trim pieces frame and give a finished look to any tile job. These are some of the cross-sections I have available. I will gladly make custom shapes. I have a wide variety of shiny and matt glazes in colors that will compliment or come close to matching most field tile on the market. They are available for indoor or outdoor installations.

Trim number: 4"-10" pieces/ linear ft.
1,2,3,4,5,13,14,15,28,29 $8.50
8,11,12,19,23,27,31 $9.00
6,7,10,16,18,22,24,26,32 $9.50
9,17,20,21, $10.00
25,30,33, 6"pieces only; 34, 7.75" pieces only $10.50